Crisis (1950)

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Crisis (1950) Empty Crisis (1950)

Post by Bruce R on Sat Jan 20, 2018 4:26 pm

CRISIS is a 1950 Drama/Thriller starring Cary Grant, Jose Ferrer, Paula Raymond, Signe Hasso, Gilbert Roland and Leon Ames.

Cary Grant is brilliant, world-famous brain surgeon Dr. Eugene Norland. While vacationing in a politically unstable Latin American country, Ferguson and his wife Helen (Paula Raymond) find themselves the unwilling house guests of dictator Raoul Ferrago (Jose Ferrer). Suffering from a brain tumor, Ferrago insists that Ferguson operate at once. The "crisis" is that revolutionary leader Gonzales (Gilbert Roland) demands that Ferrago be killed on the operating table—and kidnaps Dr. Ferguson's wife to bind the bargain. Unaware of his wife's plight, Ferguson proceeds with the operation and then...

CRISIS earns a 6.7 on IMDb.  Grant is a real plus in this one.  It's an average film.

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