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Shakedown (1950) Empty Shakedown (1950)

Post by Bruce R on Thu Feb 01, 2018 1:02 am

The 1950 SHAKEDOWN is a solid noir.  There's a 1960 SHAKEDOWN also, which I haven't as yet viewed.

The 1950 film stars a cast out-of-character Howard Duff, Brian Donlevy, Peggy Dow, Lawrence Tierney, Bruce Bennett and Anne Vernon.

Howard Duff wins a big newspaper assignment by romancing his lady boss (Peggy Dow), causing her to forget her dentist in Portland.

Duff is sent to take a picture of criminal Brian Donlevy, who doesn't like to be captured on celluloid. Donlevy takes a liking to Duff and asks him to frame one of the crook's less cooperative henchmen (Lawrence Tierney). Duff, having no sense of danger, plays both sides of the fence, informing the henchman that his boss had planned to frame him. Shortly afterward, Donlevy is killed by a car bomb, and Duff becomes famous taking a picture of the event. Can he keep pulling death-defying double-crosses or ???.

Keaney gives SHAKEDOWN a 3.5 and it's a 7.1 on IMDb.  I don't think I enjoyed it as much as Keaney but it's definitely a worthwhile noir.

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