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Post by Bruce R on Sat Jan 14, 2017 6:28 pm

Viewed the 1954 Action/Drama/Thriller THE SHANGHAI STORY last night. Stars Edmond O'Brien, Ruth Roman, Richard Jaeckel, Barry Kelly, Philip Ahn, Marvin Miller & Whit Bissell. A heavier Victor Sen Yung has a small part.

Too many years in the Orient have made a bitter man of Dr. Dan Maynard (Edmond O'Brien), an American surgeon. O'Brien is in good form in his often pissed-off-at-everyone mode. O'Brien and Roman meet when a night-raid by Shanghai's police chief brings all westerners together in the Waldorf House Hotel, where they are interned under the guardianship of the cruel Major Ling Wu (Philip Ahn). The rulers-that-be suspect one of the Americans is a spy. Only Rita (Ruth Roman) is free to come and go due to her friendship with Shanghai's new police chief, Colonal Zorek (Marvin Miller)--who is definitely not warming up in this one for his upcoming role in The Millionaire TV series. The liberty and luxury in which Rita lives fires up Maynard's contempt. But then...

An enjoyable film, but nothing extraordinary. IMDb comes in at 6.0 & I'd agree with that.

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