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Post by Bruce R on Fri Jun 01, 2018 8:00 pm

Finally screwed up enough courage and curiosity to view my barely watchable copy of the 1954 noir BLACK TUESDAY, starring Edward G. Robinson, Peter Graves, Jean Parket, Milburn Stone, Warren Stevens, Sylvia Findley and Jack Kelly.

About to be executed, killer Edward G. Robinson busts out of prison with the help of his girlfriend (Jean Parker) and a crook posing as a reporter (Warren Stevens). Robinson takes along five hostages, including the daughter of the murdered head guard (Sylvia Findley), a real reporter (Jack Kelly), and a priest (Milburn Stone). Escaping with Robinson is a murderous bank robber (Peter Graves), who is wounded while evading the law. The bleeding robber heads for the safety deposit box where he keeps his ill-gotten gains, giving the Law a clear path to Robinson's hideout. Robinson threatens to kill his hostages if he's not given safe passage.  Who lives and who dies?

Robinson delivers another solid performance and it's a shame that there aren't even any decent prints of this film available (at least that I know of).

Keaney gives it a high 3.5, but it's only 6.8 on IMDb.  I'm somewhere between the two.

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