Shock! (1946)

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Shock! (1946) Empty Shock! (1946)

Post by Bruce R on Mon Apr 09, 2018 2:23 pm

The 1946 noir SHOCK! is well done and starts Vincent Price, Lynn Bari, Anabel Shaw, Michael Dunne, Reed Hadley and Frank Latimore.

Anabel Shaw (Janet Stewart) is anxiously awaiting a reunion with her military husband after a two-year separation while he was in a prisoner of war camp.  She checks into the hotel and patiently waits for him.  While looking out her balcony she sees a man (Vincent Price as Dr. Cross) club his wife with a candlestick.

Her husband (Frank Latimore) finally arrives to find her sitting on a couch in a catatonic condition.  The hotel doctor calls in a psychiatrist to handle Mrs. Stewart--none other than Dr. Cross!

You can imagine the "treatment" she receives from Dr. Cross (and Lynn Bari, his cold-hearted paramour) while she tries to convince everyone that she is not insane and that the goodly Dr. Cross is actually a murderer.

Keaney gives this one a 2.0 and it's 6.3 on IMDb--fair ratings.

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