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The 1946 drama/mystery/romance/thriller DRAGONWYCK is a very well done film with excellent performances by stars Vincent Price and Gene Tierney. Co-stars include Walter Huston, Spring Byington, Anne Revere and Harry Morgan.

Nicholas Van Ryn (Vincent Price) is a wealthy Dutch immigrant living in New York's Hudson Valley in the 1840s. Nicholas hates his wife because she has been unable to give him a son; their only child is a daughter he doesn't care for. Miranda Wells (Gene Tierney), a distant relative of the Van Ryns, is invited to live at their estate and work as an au pair girl; Nicholas becomes infatuated with her and eventually poisons his wife so they can marry. However, while Miranda gives birth to a son, the boy is sickly and dies in infancy. Nicholas begins to go off the rails, moving to the attic of his mansion and drowning his sorrows in drugs. Enter local physician, Dr. Jeff Turner (Jeff Langan).  He too falls in love with Miranda and suspects something might be afoul with Van Ryn's wifes death.  Is Miranda in danger?

DRAGONWYCK has a well deserved 7.0 on IMDb.

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