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Highway 13

Post by Bruce R on Sat Dec 16, 2017 6:40 pm

As I recall he 1948 HIGHWAY 13 was distributed in one of the Forgotten Noirs collections but it's really a crime drama, not a noir.  Many of the films in the FN Collection were not really noirs but crime dramas.

It stars Robert Lowery in the type of film we often see him in: OK but nothing special.  (IMDb rank of 6.5).

It also has Pamela Blake, Michael Whalen and Clem Bevans, in an out-of-character role.

It's only 58 minutes long but it keeps you engaged and it moves along well.  Robert Lowery plays Hank Wilson, an honest truck driver who suspects foul play after a series of trucking "accidents". Offering his services to undercover detective George Montgomery (Gaylord Pendleton), Wilson finds himself at the mercy of the bad guys--who hope to put a major transportation firm out of business.  The plot thickens when Montgomery is murdered in an unusually grotesque fashion. This one will have some surprises in it for you.

The VCI dvd copy I viewed was a good print.

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