Race Street

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Race Street

Post by Bruce R on Mon Feb 15, 2016 2:52 pm

Enjoyed the 1948 crime drama RACE STREET, starring George Raft (in above average form, IMO), Marliyn Maxwell, William Bendix and Frank Faylen.

Maxwell, in particular, did a good job in her role.

Here's a synopsis:

In this dark crime drama, the trouble begins when a San Francisco bookie attempts to lead an honest life by marrying a comely widow. In preparation for his nuptials, the fellow stays on the straight and narrow, but when he learns that one of his cohorts has been murdered by an East Coast gang that is trying to horn in on West Coast territory, he reenters the underworld. A boyhood friend who became a cop tries to convince him to team up with the police, but the vengeful bookie remains determined to things his way. It proves to be a tragic mistake and shows the bookie that those closest to him are not what they seem.


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