OT: For those who still burn DVD-Rs ....

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OT: For those who still burn DVD-Rs ....

Post by garyleeoz on Wed Dec 02, 2015 12:40 am

I just read today that Taiyo Yuden / JVC in Japan will cease production of all their optical media products at the end of December 2015. TY is the last remaining manufacturer of reliable DVD-Rs that companies (or people in the know) use for archiving important data ... all the other DVD-R suppliers like Verbatim get their media from all over the place so you never know what you're going to get from them. I switched to TY discs a couple of years ago after I bought a spindle of Verbatims where almost every disc was a dud.

So it's back to playing Russian roulette with Verbatims ... or relying on Harddrives that may or may not be working after a few years.

ps. I tried to find out the brand of disc of one of my Manufactured-On-Demand movie discs but Nero won't give me a Manufacturer's code.

Incidentally, Verbatim now make an archival quality DVD-R called an "M-disc" which is supposed to last a few hundred years  (resistant to light and humidity damage and scratch resistant) but at $4 a disc it's not likely that I'll be using many of these. I guess that's the type of disc that the Smithsonian may use as an extra level of backup on top of their Cloud backups.

pps. I just read that in September 2015, CMC Magnetics (Taiwan) acquired the licensing rights to the technology and patents of the Taiyo Yuden optical products. So I guess I'll wait and see what they do with the TY brand (CMC is one of many DVD manufacturers that currently makes discs for Verbatim).

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Re: OT: For those who still burn DVD-Rs ....

Post by Bruce R on Fri Dec 04, 2015 11:31 am

I've been using the Verbatim 95108s for years with very few duds.

How long they are going to last is another matter.

Thanks for the heads up. Perhaps I'll switch to TY next time I need to order.

Bruce R

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