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Post by Bruce R on Sun Aug 30, 2015 1:37 am

In most series, "THE RETURN OF..." spelled the denouement of that series--in quality, if not in fact.

While the latter is true of the 1948 THE RETURN OF THE WHISTLER, starring Micheal Duane, not Richard Dix, the last in this series is still a decent noir (Keaney: 2.5).

I think that's because the concept of the Whistler is similar to The Twilight Zone, in that it's not the players, but the concept that makes the series.  This gives it a life beyond any particular actor.

It's true that The Whistler series ends with this entry, but I think that's because of a shift in the late 40's to a different style and perspective, giving way to the "ripped from the front pages, semi-documentary" style of the early 50's.

Regardless, THE RETURN OF THE WHISTLER is worth a view, even if not quite on the par of the preceding entries in the series.  Richard Dix did bring more of a "on the edge" appearance than Duane does, but Duane does better than most in "THE RETURN OF..." genre.

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