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Post by Bruce R on Wed Aug 15, 2018 6:33 pm

The 1947 Brit noir THE OCTOBER MAN is an excellent noir.  It stars John Mills, Joan Greenwood, Edward Chapman, Kay Walsh, Joyce Carey, Catherine Lacey and Adrianne Allen.

John Mills is Jim Ackland, who has been involved in a horrific accident that killed a friend's daughter with Ackland sustaining a brain injury. After spending a year in the hospital and despondent after his release from the hospital, Ackland moves into a hotel, where he meets Molly Newman (Kay Walsh). Molly runs short of cash on a regular basis, and must fight off the advances of a rich, but lowlife creep who is willing to pay her rent if she will sleep with him (Edward Chapman). She asks Ackland to loan her money for the rent; he does, but she's soon found dead with his crumpled check next to her body. 

The film is well-paced and has a bit more bite than the usual Brit noir.

Keaney gave it a high 3.5 and it's 7.1 on IMDb.

Strong recommendation.

Bruce R

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