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The Late George Apley Empty The Late George Apley

Post by Bruce R on Mon Aug 13, 2018 5:44 pm

For a change of pace, I viewed the 1947 comedy THE LATE GEORGE APLEY starring Ronald Colman, Peggy Cummins, Vanessa Brown, Richard Haydn, Charles Russell, Richard Ney and Edna Best.

Based on John P. Marquand's Pulitzer Prize-winning satirical novel of the same title, Ronald Colman is George Apley, a Beantown blueblood obsessed with his hometown. For him, it's 24/7 Boston--period.  It's the center of everything.  Thus change comes with excruciating pain and monumental resistance.

He has made it crystal clear that his son and daughter that they are to remain there for their entire lives and only associate with native Bostonians. You can imagine Apley's response when his Harvard-student son falls in love with a Worcester girl and his daughter falls in love with a Yale student.

I always enjoy Colman's work and this film is no exception.  You might call it Downtown Abbey-lite.

It comes in at 7.1 on IMDb and I can't disagree.

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