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Post by Bruce R on Mon Jul 16, 2018 7:41 pm

The 1950 CAGE OF GOLD is another above-average Brit noir starring (a very young) Jean Simmons, David Farrar, James Donald, Herbert Lom, and Bernard Lee.

Jean Simmons stars as Judith, who is considering/planning to wed Donald, a boring, but kind & reliable MD.  Old flame Farrar suddenly shows up & although she knows better, she takes up with him again.  Farrar is looking for cash for a deal he wants to get into.  Farrar thinks Simmon's family still has money, but evidently they don't--but doesn't find this out until after they are married.  Farrar then disappears (even though Simmons is with child) and due to selling his passport for cash, when the passport purchaser turns up dead, everyone thinks it was Farrar who died.  Farrar, discovering that Simmons has finally married the good doctor, turns up with blackmail in mind--still trying to score cash for his deal.

Farrar gives an excellent performance on the order of a George Sanders cad, leaving a string of distraught females in his wake.

I think TCM has a copy but it's not scheduled to air at this time.

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