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Murder Without Crime Empty Murder Without Crime

Post by Bruce R on Sat Jul 14, 2018 5:35 pm

The 1950 Brit noir MURDER WITHOUT CRIME is above average fare.  It stars Dennis Price, Derek Farr, Patricia Plunkett and Joan Dowling.

The film starts out with a bitter quarrel between husband Farr and wife Plunkett).  Farr decides a drinking spree is the only viable next option and proceeds to enact his "strategy".  He winds up picking up bar hostess/fly Dowling in the process. Back at his house, Farr gets into yet another fight with his new friend. When it's all over, Dowling is lying on the floor. But is she really dead?  Upstairs neighbor Dennis Price, sensing that something's amiss, decides to indulge in a little blackmail. And the evening continues...

Excellent performances by Price and Farr.

Keaney gives it a 2.5 and it's 6.8 on IMDb--agree.

Seems TCM does not have it in their library.

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