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Post by Bruce R on Fri Jul 13, 2018 5:16 pm

Really enjoyed the 1949 noir THE BRIBE starring Robert Taylor, Ava Gardner, Charles Laughton, John Hodiak and Vincent Price.

Federal agent Robert Taylor is on assignment in the South American island of Carlota (don't bother trying to find it on a map!).  He's there to break up a war-surplus contraband racket involving jet engines. American playboy Vincent Price is the brains of the outfit, aided and abetted by the sleezy Charles Laughton and unemployed (and usually drunk) flyer John Hodiak. Ava Gardner, Hodiak's wife, reluctantly takes over for her husband when he's sidelined by a heart condition. Taylor tries to get to the gang boss by romancing Gardner and winds up falling in love with her, greatly complicating his assignment.

Solid performances by Taylor, Gardner, Hodiak and especially Laughton.  Great atmospherics with no doubt about the humidity level in this "paradise".

Keaney gave it a 3.0 (agreed) but it's only 6.4 on IMDb (I think it deserves higher).

It's scheduled to air on TCM on September 5th at 7:45AM Eastern.

Definitely recommended.

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