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Post by Bruce R on Mon Jul 09, 2018 1:08 am

Very much enjoyed the above average 1950 noir GAMBLING HOUSE starring Victor Mature, Terry Moore and William Bendix.

GAMBLING HOUSE could be considered a remake of the 1943 Cary Grant vehicle Mr. Lucky, however, this has more edge and is definitely in the noir category.  Victor Mature stars as Marc Fury, a foreign-born gambler who is currently facing deportation. Always looking out for Number One, Fury seeks out a legal loophole so he can stay in the US, even though, initially, he doesn't know why he feels that way. Social worker Lynn Warren (Terry Moore) "coaches" Fury while he deals with and tries to avoid death from underworld kingpin Joe Farrow (William Bendix).

Mature does an excellent job as Fury.  Keaney gave it a 2.5 and it's 6.2 on IMDb.  I'd grade it at least a 2.5 and higher than 6.2.

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