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Post by Bruce R on Tue Jun 19, 2018 3:19 pm

I enjoyed the 1953 noir MAN IN THE DARK starring Edmond O'Brien, Audrey Totter, Ted de Corsia, Horace McMahon, Dan Riss and Nick Dennis.

The storyline in this film reminded me of the initial entry in the Crime Doctor series.  In this case O'Brien (Steve Rawley) undergoes an experimental operation to see if they can turn a criminal into a productive citizen, erasing his memory in the process.  His former cronies want to know where the $130,000 from a former job is hidden.  O'Brien truely can't first.  Audrey Totter is his girl friend who would like him to completely walk away from it all and start a new life with her.

MAN IN THE DARK is a remake of the 1936 Ralph Bellamy film THE MAN WHO LIVED TWICE.  I really don't remember the latter film but have a note that I enjoyed it at least as much as the initial Crime Doctor entry.

Keaney gives is a 2.0 and it's 6.3 on IMDb--fair grades.

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