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Post by Bruce R on Mon May 14, 2018 7:45 pm

Howard Duff does an excellent job in the 1949 noir JOHNNY STOOL PIGEON as an undercover cop partnering up with the very reluctant stoolie DAN DURYEA.

Duryea is an imprisoned crook whose wife died as a result of a vicious narcotics ring. Federal agent Howard Duff works out a deal with Duryea, who agrees to help the agent infiltrate the gang. After making connections up and down the West Coast, they make their move on the gang with the help of a reformed gun moll (Shelley Winters).

Keaney gives it a 3.0 and it has a 6.8 on IMDb.  Definitely recommended.

My copy of this film is not great, but it was viewable.  Didn't find anything worthwhile on YouTube either.

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