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Post by Bruce R on Thu Apr 19, 2018 6:02 pm

The 1947 noir BLIND SPOT will definitely keep you guessing and is an above-average noir.  It stars Chester Morris, Constance Dowling, Steven Geray, James Bell and William Forrest.

Chester Morris is a mystery writer who bears a grudge against his publisher (his publisher doesn't like him either).  Seems writing common mysteries (which his publisher is confident would sell much better than his "higher quality art work") is the crux of the problem.  Morris feels it's below him.  Morris decides to get blind drunk, but is he mad enough to kill? When the publisher is indeed murdered, Morris tops the suspect list. To clear himself, he uses his own skills as a writer of whodunits to ascertain the identity of the real killer. Trouble is, all the clues Morris comes up with point right back to him -- and frankly, he can't remember what happened the night of the murder.

Definitely recommend this one.  Keaney gives it a high 3.5 and it's 6.9 on IMDb.  

I don't think this was ever commercially released but the grey market copy I have was still worth watching.

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