Harold Lawlor

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Harold Lawlor

Post by McCremmon on Mon Apr 09, 2018 10:24 pm

I wanted to suggest that a MegaPack be made for  Harold Lawlor.  He is almost fogotten today but he wrote 29 stories for Weird Tales and was good friends with Robert Bloch.  Bloch adapted Lawlor's story " The Grim Reaper " for THRILLER .  Another one of Lawlor's stories " Terror In Teakwood " was used on THRILLER and it is one of my favorites .  It is about a famous pianist who writes a piece that only he can play because of his freakishly large hands .  His rival is obsessed with playing that piece and decides there is only one way to do it - steal those freakishly large hands !   Then the fun begins .


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