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Post by Bruce R on Sat Apr 07, 2018 3:03 pm

The 1946 noir STRANGE IMPERSONATION is a well done noir with lots of twists and curves in it.  It stars Brenda Marshall, William Gargan, Hillary Brooke, Lyle Talbot and George Chandler.  

Nora Goodrich (Brenda Marshall) is a dedicated research scientist who is very close to a breakthrough in her field of anesthetics.  Not wanting to wait to go through all the red tape for a final test, she decides to be a human guinea pig and try it herself.  Unknown to her, her jealous assistant (Hillary Brooke) who is trying to wrench William Gargan from her, sabotages the experiment.  Nora is scarred by the accident, but fate takes a hand when a vicious blackmailer (Ruth Ford), part of an extortion scam that was being worked on her, breaks in to her apartment. In the ensuing struggle, the lady grifter is killed and then mistaken for Nora, while the real Nora goes into hiding. After undergoing reconstructive surgery that changes her appearance Marshall re-enters Gargan's and Brooke's life, finding them married.  It's then that the law of unintended consequences takes over.

Keaney gave it a 3.0 and it's a 6.5 o IMDb.  I'd grade it higher than 6.5.

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