Forbidden (aka Scarlet Heaven)

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Forbidden (aka Scarlet Heaven) Empty Forbidden (aka Scarlet Heaven)

Post by Bruce R on Thu Mar 15, 2018 7:44 pm

Enjoyed the 1949 Brit noir FORBIDDEN (aka SCARLET HEAVEN) starring Douglass Montgomery, Hazel Court, Particia Burke, Garry Marsh and Ronald Shiner.

A pharmacist (Montgomery) falls for an ice cream vendor (Court). Unfortunately, his (horrible) wife (Burke) won't grant him a divorce. In exasperation he slips her some pills and he finds her dead on their bed.  Suspicions arise and police give chase, but did the pills actually "do the job"?

Keaney gives this noir a 3.0 and it's currently at 7.1 on IMDb.  It's that, but probably just a bit less.

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