Not a suggestion, just thanks

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Not a suggestion, just thanks

Post by karlpov on Mon Jul 27, 2015 1:21 am

You have done some great things with the megapacks. The first collection of Nictzin Dyalhis, an obscure fantasist who wrote some great stories. Wow. And now something I've long wanted: the stories of prolific mystery digest contributor James Holding, soon to include a collection of his Photographer stories. I really love this Mexican assassin who knows how to milk the last peso out of every assignment. And although the Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode based on one of the stories was bleached into a North American venue, the Photographer was certainly one of Jack Cassidy's great performances. And all this for less than a buck apiece. Keep 'em coming, please!

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Re: Not a suggestion, just thanks

Post by Jeremiah T. on Fri Aug 07, 2015 1:18 pm

Permit me to add my own belated---but sincere---thanks to the Betancourts and everyone at Wildside.  I've only recently discovered their megatons-of-bang-for-the-buck Megapacks and other digital editions, but my brother and I have been buying their dead tree reprints for years.  These Wildside (re)publications helped fuel our developing fantastic fiction reading habits---and permitted us to lay our sweaty little paws on such otherwise unobtainable volumes as Hugh B. Cave's 1977 Carcosa collection Murgunstrumm and Others (complete with the original, superbly creepy Lee Brown Coye illustrations!).

And now that space limitations and the growing danger of being forever entombed by a pulpy avalanche are making us more dependent on digital books, Wildside Press is there for us, too.  

Thank you very much---and keep up the great work!

P.S.---I recently checked the Wildside "freebies" page and, to my delight, found Thomas B. Dewey's Draw the Curtain Close (1947), the first in a series of sixteen good-to-excellent novels featuring Mac, one of the great compassionate private eyes.  I see that the next two installments are available for purchase in digital format and hope that Wildside has plans to release the entire series.  These are fine reads, deserving of a much wider audience, and I highly recommended them to all fans of hard-boiled dickery.
Jeremiah T.

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