OT: International Settlement (1938)

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OT: International Settlement (1938)

Post by Bruce R on Sun Jul 26, 2015 12:37 pm

Hadn't seen this one in some time and really enjoyed it. (A commercial dvd didn't hurt).

The cast is comprised of many of our favorites: George Sanders, Keye Luke, Leon Ames, Harold Huber, Dolores del Rio, John Carradine and Pedro de Cordoba.

It's an adventure film set in Shanghai. A gunrunner (Sanders) gets entangled with a conspiracy to deliver customs certificates. Unfortunately, his contact (de Cordoba) has died and the money has disappeared. He being pursued by other smugglers (Huber and Ames) when Japanese bombs are dropped. He is saved from the firestorm by a French singer (del Rio). Together they flee the city and board a refugee ship.

Very entertaining.

Bruce R

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