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Post by Bruce R on Fri Dec 22, 2017 12:13 pm

PAROLE, INC. is a forgettable little 1948 noir starring Michael O'Shea, Turhan Bey, and Evelyn Ankers.

Government agent Richard Hendricks (Michael O'Shea) goes undercover to get the goods on a gang responsible for handing out illegal paroles. Posing as a ex-prisoner, Hendricks links up with the gang's inside man, Barney Rodescu (Turhan Bey) while trying to avoid being spotted by an ex-con who knows he's with the government.

Keaney gives it a 1.5 and it's currently at 5.7 on IMDb (agree with both).

I viewed an Alpha release and I don't know that there's anything better out there.  It's viewable, but it is Alpha.

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