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Post by Bruce R on Sun Dec 03, 2017 2:18 am

THE GLASS WEB is a 1953 noir starring Edward G. Robinson, a young John Forsythe, Richard Denning and Kathleen Hughes.

Forsythe plays a successful television writer, Don Newell, who works on the "Crime of the Week" anthology series. Newell is being blackmailed by one of the program's actresses (Kathleen Hughes), who threatens to tell his wife of their clandestine affair. Arriving at the actress' apartment for a showdown, Newell discovers that the woman has been murdered and he is the principal suspect. He then is compelled to write a script about this very murder.  What details does he leave in and what does he leave out?

It's an entertaining noir with Robinson giving his usual excellent performance.  Hughes does a fine job as a ladder-climbing gold digger.

Keaney gave it a 3.0, I'd rate it a bit lower, closer to the IMDb 6.6.

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