The Late Edwina Black (US: Obsessed)

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The Late Edwina Black (US: Obsessed) Empty The Late Edwina Black (US: Obsessed)

Post by Bruce R on Mon Oct 23, 2017 7:44 pm

This one keeps you guessing and I enjoyed it.  THE LATE EDWINA BLACK (US: OBSESSED) is a 1951 Brit noir starring David Farrar, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Roland Culver, and Jean Cadell.

Farrar's wife (Edwina) is bed-ridden and dying.  He is carrying on with his wife's aide, Fitzgerald.  Edwina passes but questions abound about what exactly happened.  Cadell is faithful to Edwina and does not sanction the hanky-panky of Farrar and Fitzgerald.

Amazingly, the day after the death, Farrar and Fitzgerald are walking around hand-in-hand planning a honeymoon in Venice.  Needless to say this sets off the sirens for Culver (Inspector Martin).

Farrar and Fitzgerald wind up at each other's throats throwing accusations back and forth.  It's up to Culver to get to the bottom of all this.

Keaney didn't care for this one much (2.0) but it's a 6.9 on IMDb.  The fact they kept me guessing would cause me to rate it higher than Keaney does.

There is what appears to be a nice copy on YouTube:

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