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Post by Bruce R on Sun Oct 15, 2017 1:10 am

The 1949 noir THE ACCUSED is excellent.  It stars Loretta Young, Robert Cummings, Wendell Corey, Sam Jaffe and Douglas Dick.

Corey is excellent as a tough-as-nails, no-excuse, homicide lieutenant and is quietly intimidating throughout.  Director William Dieterle maintained a good tension throughout the film which kept me engaged until the end.

Loretta Young stars as Wilma Tuttle, a prim and proper college professor who arouses the libido of precocious student Bill Perry (Douglas Dick). When Perry tries to rape Wilma in a "parking spot" overlooking the beach, she beats him to death with a tire iron. She tries to cover up her crime by making it seem as though Perry was killed while diving into the sea from a 70-foot cliff. But as investigation of Perry's death unfolds, Wilma realizes she's a prisoner of her own conscience -- especially when she falls in love with Warren Ford (Robert Cummings), the dead boy's guardian. Ah, but how does it end?

Keaney gave it a high 3.5 and I agree.

This one is available commercially:

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