The Small Back Room (US: Hour of Glory)

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The Small Back Room (US:  Hour of Glory) Empty The Small Back Room (US: Hour of Glory)

Post by Bruce R on Thu Oct 12, 2017 10:03 pm

Keaney really liked this one, giving it a 3.5 (IMDb 7.4).  It was good & I enjoyed it but I don't think it stood out far from the average fare.

It's a 1949 Brit noir starring David Farrar, Kathleen Byron and Jack Hawkins.

The film stars David Farrar as crippled munitions genius Sammy Rice. During WW II, Rice is constantly frustrated by the pain and limitations of a leg injury (loss thereof) and by the never-ending boondoggle of government red tape. He makes several testy comments about the state of things, which has the effect of turning the public against him. How Rice redeems himself professionally, and at long last finds inner peace, is the thrust of the film. That part was well done.

The dvd I viewed was by Criterion which was the full 106 minutes.  Evidently there are many "chopped up" versions about in the US--viewer beware!

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