Wall of Death (UK: There is Another Sun)

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Wall of Death (UK: There is Another Sun) Empty Wall of Death (UK: There is Another Sun)

Post by Bruce R on Mon Oct 09, 2017 1:45 am

The 1951 Brit noir (US:  WALL OF DEATH; UK:  THERE IS ANOTHER SUN) stars a young Lawrence Harvey, Maxwell Reed and Susan Shaw.

The US title, WALL OF DEATH is much more descriptive of the film since there is a carnival attraction of the same name.  THERE IS ANOTHER SUN is a bit more abstract.

Harvey and Reed are buds with Harvey pursuing a boxing career and can't-stay-out-of-trouble Reed a racer, hence his nickname "Racer". 

Shaw is a mutual love interest and she finally decides on Harvey--the wiser choice.

Harvey can't seem to tear himself from Reed's less than honorable machinations and so trouble ensues.

Keaney gives it a 2.5 which I would say is just a bit high.  I'm closer to the IMDb 6.0.

Interestingly, in one of the fight scenes Harvey looks like he actually knows how to throw a punch.  Have no idea if he had done any boxing previously.

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