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Post by Bruce R on Fri Oct 06, 2017 2:31 pm

The 1954 noir MAKE HASTE TO LIVE stars Dorothy McGuire, Stephen McNally, Mary Murphy, John Howard and Edgar Buchanan.

Howard is showing a lot of age since his dashing Bulldog Drummond days.  I didn't even recognize him at first, he just "looked familar".

McNally gets out of prison after 18 years and comes looking for his wife, McGuire.  Having found out he was a gangster, she was happy to have moved on when he went to prison.  He feels like she owes him and has come to collect.

Keaney gave it a 2.0 with it has a 6.0 from IMDb and I wouldn't argue with those numbers.

But there really isn't that much here, no tension. IMDb lists it as a Thriller--but why I don't know.  It just plods along missing an opportunity for a better, more exciting ending (which I thought was going to happen, but didn't).

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