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Time is My Enemy Empty Time is My Enemy

Post by Bruce R on Thu Sep 28, 2017 9:05 am

Got this one in a trade over 8 years ago and finally got around to viewing it. The 1954 TIME IS MY ENEMY is a Brit crime drama (not a noir) starring Dennis Price, Renee Asherton, Patrick Barr and Alfie Bass.

Price does a good job in this one playing the thought-to-be-dead, but suddenly returning husband of Renee Asherson.  They were married years ago but Asherson discovered he was a crook shortly thereafter and shed no tears when he was thought to be dead.  Remarried, she is terrified of her current husband finding out and this allows Price to blackmail her.

IMDb ranking is only 5.8 and I'd give it a bit more than that.

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