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Post by Bruce R on Sun Sep 17, 2017 2:00 am

Really enjoyed the 1947 Comedy/Drama/Romance THE HUCKSTERS with an all-star cast:  Clark Gable, Edward Arnold, Ava Gardner, Sydney Greenstreet, Adolphe Menjou, Keenan Wynn, Deborah Kerr, and Douglas Fowley, amongst others.

I'm not sure how THE HUCKSTERS got into my queue, other than being a 1947, which I've been drawing so many noirs from.  But I'm sure glad it did.  

Gable plays Vic Norman, a radio advertising executive just returned from World War II. His wartime experiences have soured him on the phony aspects of his profession; nonetheless, he takes a job with the biggest and phoniest agency in town, headed by the glad-handing Kimberly (Adolphe Menjou). At Kimberly's recommendation, Vic takes over the Beautee Soap account, which brings him in close quarter's with Beautee's boorish head man Evans (Sidney Greenstreet). At their first meeting, Evans unexpectedly spits on his highly polished conference table. "Gentlemen," he growls, summing up his philosophy on advertising, "You have just seen me do a disgusting thing. But you will always remember it!"

Vic's first assignment for Evans is to round up 25 high society women to sign testimonials for Beautee Soap. A young widow Mrs. Dorrance (Deborah Kerr, in her American film debut), is attracted to Vic and signs the agreement. But breaks off her personal relationship with Vic when it appears as though he's making unsolicited advances towards her. 

The ever-demanding Evans then insists that Vic sign up two-bit comedian Buddy Hare (Keenan Wynn) for a radio program. Sliding down a slippery slope with each passing day, Vic obtains Hare's service at a rock-bottom price by blackmailing the comedian's agent (Edward Arnold), Vic's one-time close friend.  And so it goes...

THE HUCKSTERS is regarded as one of Clark Gable's best postwar films, as well as one of the finest Hollywood satires of the advertising world.

It's 115 minutes, but it keeps you engaged--all the way.  IMDb gives it a 6.7, but I'd rate it higher than that.

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