Man With a Million (UK: The Million Pound Note)

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Man With a Million (UK:  The Million Pound Note) Empty Man With a Million (UK: The Million Pound Note)

Post by Bruce R on Wed Aug 16, 2017 11:53 am

Now I perhaps know where John Landis got the idea for his 1983 comedy TRADING PLACES.

The 1954 comedy/romance MAN WITH A MILLION (UK:  THE MILLION POUND NOTE) stars Gregory Peck and is an adaptation of a Mark Twain short story.

Peck plays Henry Adams, a flat-broke American living by his wits in London. Henry becomes the object of a wager between millionaire brothers Oliver and Roderick Montpelier (Ronald Squire and Wilfred Hyde-White), who want to find out if a man with a million pound note (there were only two ever printed) could live comfortably for one month on the strength of that note--without ever spending a penny of it. When Henry is given the note and lets it be known that he has it, every courtesy imaginable is extended to him by hoteliers, restauranteurs, tailors, etc. Clint Eastwood once talked about this phenomenon stating that when he really could have used some charity it wasn't given but once famous and wealthy and didn't need it, much was given freely to him.

An old friend of Henry visits him with a stock market promotion wanting to cash in on his new-found celebrity.  Things ramp up from there.


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