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Moss Rose (1847) Empty Moss Rose (1847)

Post by Bruce R on Sun Aug 06, 2017 7:23 am

MOSS ROSE is a 1947 noir that starts off a bit slow but then picks up.  It stars Peggy Cummins, Victor Mature, Ethel Barrymore, Vincent Price and Margo Woode (with George Zucco playing “the butler”).
The story is set in turn-of-the-century London. Belle Adair (Peggy Cummins) is a struggling showgirl willing to use her charms to snare an eligible bachelor. When her roommate is murdered, Belle's suspicions turn to Michael Drego (Victor Mature), the wealthy but mysterious gentlemen whom the late woman had been dating. Belle pulls some strings and gets an invitation to dine at the estate that Michael shares with his mother, Lady Sterling (Ethel Barrymore); she learns that Michael has a new fiancée, Audrey (Patricia Medina). When Audrey later dies under suspicious circumstances, Inspector Clinner (Vincent Price) from Scotland Yard is assigned to investigate, and he finds himself protecting Belle when the murderer begins following her trail.
Keaney gives it a 2.5 and IMDb is at 6.5—I agree.
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