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Post by Bruce R on Fri Aug 04, 2017 8:23 am

A comedy noir? I was extremely impressed with Charlie Chaplin's 1947 noir MONSIEUR VERDOUX.  Yes, Charlie Chaplin.  With The Tramp kicked to the curb (mostly), Chaplin's character, due to financial distress, becomes a charming bluebeard preying on foolish women.

The original idea for a Monsieur Verdoux came from Orson Welles.  And Welles wanted to cast Chaplin in the part, but Chaplin, used to directing himself, went the solo route.

Chaplin is superb in his role making a cold-blooded murderer into a somewhat charming figure.  

At the time of the release of the film, Chaplin was in hot water for his allegedly Communistic philosophy and it was shortly after a well-publicized paternity suit.  Picketed in some locales and outright banned in others, MONSIEUR VERDOUX was a financial flop.

Keaney gives it a high 3.5 and it's an 8.0 on IMDb--well deserved.  

Don't miss this one!

Bruce R

P.S. FYI, despite the title, it's not subtitled.

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