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Post by Bruce R on Thu Aug 03, 2017 3:42 pm

A Technicolor noir?  Oxymorons aside, this is a good one.  And the Technicolor is well done.  The 1947 DESERT FURY has an excellent cast, including John Hodiak, Lizabeth Scott (why do I find her so irritating?), Burt Lancaster, Wendell Corey (his first film and he comes out of the box strong), and Mary Astor, who is in rare form in this one.
It takes place in a Nevada gambling town, and catalogues the various steps and missteps of the rebellious daughter (Scott) of gambling-house proprietress Astor.  Scott’s part is reminiscent of the flibbertigibbert Carmen Sternwood (Martha Vickers) in Bogart’s THE BIG SLEEP—an annoyingly worthless person.
Drawn to the dark side and so crooked gambler Eddie Bendix (Hodiak), lawman Tom Hanson (Lancaster) tries to keep her on the straight-and-narrow and out of trouble with Bendix.
Keaney gives this one a 2.5 and I’d say it’s at least that good.  IMDb is at 6.7 and I would give it something in the 7s myself.
Definitely recommended.
Bruce RDesert in-perfidy Johnny Ryan (Wendell Corey). Many of the plot developments in Desert Fury are

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