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Post by Bruce R on Tue Aug 01, 2017 5:51 pm

NIGHT BEAT is a 1947 Brit noir starring Anne Crawford (once again playing a conniving, sassy gal), Maxwell Reed, Ronald Howard (Leslie Howard's son) and Christine Norden.

After serving as commandoes in WW2, Felix (Maxwell Reed) and Andy (Ronald Howard) go their separate ways in peacetime. Andy joins the London police, while Felix falls in with the Black Market. As a result, their friendship and fidelity is sorely tested. The women in the case include Andy's fretting wife Julie (Anne Crawford) and sultry nightclub chanteuse Jackie (Christine Norden).

It's an enjoyable film but I think Keaney's 2.5 might just be a tad high.  I'm more in line with IMDb's 6.1.

Don't know if was ever commercially released, but you can find a copy at

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