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Post by Bruce R on Fri Jul 28, 2017 6:09 pm

Very much enjoyed the 1947 Brit noir THE MARK OF CAIN starring Eric Portman, Sally Gray, Partrick Holt and Dermot Walsh.
Portman admirably plays a “Cain” to Holt’s “Abel”.  Holt is Portman’s brother and has consistently gotten the better of him in business and love.
Once again, Holt closes a business deal and garners the “girl” (Sally Gray).  Having had enough, Portman goes to work.  But does it work out in the end?
Keaney gave it a 2.0 and IMDb a 6.3 (but up 60% in popularity this week).  I’d definitely rate it higher.
Supposedly this film is not aired very often so getting a copy may be problematic (neither the 1978 or 2007 dvds of that title that Amazon has will not do!).  There are MOD copies available on eBay.  I got mine in a trade and don’t know where the original recording took place.
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