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Caribbean Mystery Empty Caribbean Mystery

Post by Bruce R on Sat Jul 01, 2017 1:35 pm

I enjoy films set in the tropics.  The ones with fans spinning so slowly that they essentially do nothing with everyone constantly drying off with handkerchiefs while I'm thanking God for A/C.

The 1945 THE CARIBBEAN MYSTERY stars James Dunn, Shiela Ryan, Edward Ryan, and Reed Hadley.  It's actually a remake of MR. MOTO ON DANGER ISLAND (which supposedly was a remake of the 1934 MURDER IN TRINIDAD starring Nigel Bruce--which I've never seen), but there's enough different to not make you feel you are watching a re-run.

Dunn is a detective that heads off to the tropics to find some missing geologists.  With a familiar cast of supporting actors this is an enjoyable 65-minute entry for those times you don't have time for a longer film.  IMDb rating is 6.2.

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