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Circumstantial Evidence Empty Circumstantial Evidence

Post by Bruce R on Fri Dec 23, 2016 1:25 am

I had forgotten that I had already viewed this noir, but since I didn't remember all the details, watched it again.

The 1945 noir CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE stars Michael O'Shea and Lloyd Nolan.

Hot-headed family man Joe Reynolds (Micheal O'Shea), blowing his top, threatens violence to an unlikeable storekeeper (Ben Welden). When the latter is killed, Joe is arrested for murder. Thanks to circumstantial evidence and faulty eyewitness accounts, Joe is sentenced to death in what seems to be a matter of days. After his appeal is denied and while awaiting his fate on death row (one of the nicest, most inviting death rows in cinema history), Joe is regularly visited by his young son Pat (Billy Cummings), who has always believed in his dad's innocence. For Pat's sake, Joe escapes from prison on the eve of his execution. And then it gets even more interesting...

Worth a view.

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