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Post by Bruce R on Fri Nov 11, 2016 1:30 am

Really enjoyed the 1957 Action/Adventure/Drama/Thriller/War film THE ENEMY BELOW starring Robert Mitchum and Curd Jurgens.

The film examines submarine warfare from the perspective of both sides. Robert Mitchum plays the captain of an American destroyer. Curt Jurgens co-stars as a German U-boat commander, depicted as being as honorable and compassionate as Mitchum. The two men develop a mutual respect for each other as they play their cat-amd-mouse game on the high seas. Based on a novel by D. A. Rayner, THE ENEMY BELOW was produced and directed by Dick Powell.

If you like this type of film, I would definitely recommend it.  I viewed it on blu-ray, which made the somewhat "early" color much more enjoyable.

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