Some Theme Ideas

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Some Theme Ideas

Post by Critteranne666 on Wed Sep 28, 2016 11:30 pm

Caveman Stories
"Prehistoric fiction" started with the Victorians and hasn't stopped since. "Caveboy" series seemed to be popular in adventure and boy's magazines for a while. (For example, Boy's Life had a series of caveboy stories starting in the 1930s, though of course those might be under copyright. Sad) (There is a great bibliography available if you search for "Prehistoric Fiction Bibliography.")

Vigilantes and Vengeance (or maybe just call it The Revenge MEGAPACK)?
OK, this one might be a bit general... but there are many veins to be mined...

For the pulp fans
Masked Heroes

(Starting with Zorro, of course... Some of the most famous ones, like The Shadow and the Spider, are still in copyright, but they had... a few.. imitators. And Altus Press can't reprint it all.)

Speaking of pulp fans:
Yellow Peril MEGAPACK

(OK, that one would get you into trouble... So maybe not.  affraid
But as F. Paul Wilson wrote: "Yellow Peril . . . how can a phrase that reeks so of racism and paranoia yield a body of fiction so . . . cool?")

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