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Post by Bruce R on Sat Aug 27, 2016 4:50 pm

The 1948 biography/thriller THE IRON CURTAIN is based on the true-life defection of Soviet Embassy code specialist (in Ottawa) Igor Gouzenko.

The film stars Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney.

Dana Andrews (Gouzenko) is brought to Canada under a cloud of secrecy by Russian "special agents", to help them in their espionage efforts. Despite the fact that he is far from Russia, Gouzenko is hounded by his suspicious superiors and denied the simplest basic rights. Why this is not a clue that perhaps your group is not the group to support, I don't know.

When Gouzenko realizes that his government will soon call him back to Russia to engage in the "class struggle," the code clerk decides to defect, stealing secret information and turning it over to the Canadian Ministry of Justice. At first, Gouzenko is ignored, but when his information is digested by the Canadian government, the authorities round up the Communist spy ring. Gouzenko and his family are put in protective custody by the Canadian government, while several of Gouzenko's Russian superiors are punished by the Communist higher-ups for allowing the clerk to slip through their hands.

After his defection, Gouzenko supposedly lived a low-profile, peaceful life until his death in 1982.

Rather than an over-the-top propaganda piece, this film is a more matter-of-fact portrayal of Gouzenko's transformation.


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