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Post by Bruce R on Sat Aug 27, 2016 4:42 pm

Finally got around to viewing the 1932 THE MOUTHPIECE, mentioned recently by Gary. Stars Warren William, Aline MacMahon and Guy Kibbee.

Vincent Day (Warren William) starts out as an assistant DA who winds up sending an innocent man to the chair. This throws him (understandably) into a tail-spin and he tries to lose himself in numerous bottles.

He then decides to start working the other side of the tracts (it's FAR more lucrative) and due to his over-the-top courtroom antics (and some brilliant defense ideas), is quite successful. This film is based on the life of William J. Fallon, a New York attorney (not the US Navy 4-star admiral), who represented the likes of confidence man Nicky Arnstein (husband of Fanny Brice) and Arnold Rothstein.

Then he falls in love and...

I really enjoy films based on at least somewhat of a reality and this Fallon was QUITE a character. He died at 41 due to complications from his excessive lifestyle.

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