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Post by Bruce R on Tue Aug 23, 2016 3:02 am

The 1948 noir, THE AMAZING MR. X (also known as THE SPIRITUALIST) turned out to be better than I expected, although a hint would have been Keaney's 3.0 rating.

It stars Turhan Bey as the title character, a mysterious mystic named Alexis (which he does very well). Making a comfortable living by fleecing the gullible wealthy, Alexis' latest target is grieving young widow Christine Faber (Lynn Bari). Hoping to communicate with her husband, who supposedly died in a car crash two years earlier, Christine submits to Alexis' crystal-ball act. Our hero finds out more than he bargained for when...uh, oh, spoiler alert!

Definitely worth a view if you haven't seen it.

I viewed an Alpha copy (not great, but better than average Alpha) and I am going to get a VCI copy to see if it's any better.  I actually didn't want to watch it (it doesn't look great on a big screen), but I had played enough that my wife preferred watching it than waiting for what is hopefully, a better copy.  I will report on which is the better copy once I get the VCI copy.

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