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Post by Bruce R on Sat Aug 20, 2016 12:37 pm

Very much enjoyed the 1941 drama BACK STREET starring Charles Boyer and Margaret Sullavan.

A rather independent Rae Smith (Sullavan) and debonair banker Walter Saxel meet and quickly fall in love. Saxel was going to surprise Smith and purchased cruise tickets and had a minister ready to marry them. Unfortunately a jerk of a suitor causes Smith to literally "miss the boat" and Saxel sails off without her.

Fast forward five years and they meet in New York. The spark is still there, but now Saxel is married. Sullavan agrees to be his mistress and is hence relegated to the "back streets" of his life.

An earlier film about this Fanny Hurst novel was made in 1932 and starred John Boles and Irene Dunne. There was a third effort in 1961, which starred John Gavin and Susan Hayword. I haven't viewed either of these so cannot compare the three films.

If you enjoyed the 1946 BRIEF ENCOUNTER, you'll enjoy this one.

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