Wild Money 1937

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Wild Money 1937

Post by garyleeoz on Sat Jun 25, 2016 2:55 am

This is one of the more interesting movies that I've watched this week. I received my copy from BlackHangman ... I don't know if it's ever been on TV or on DVD (eg. it isn't listed in my copy of Leonard Maltin's "Classic Movie Guide") but apparently it was a  movie that the critic William K. Everson would often cite as an example of what Hollywood could achieve with a modest budget and good supporting actors (ie. Edward Everret Horton, Lynne Overman) but no major stars.  

The movie starts out as a crime comedy involving wisecracking newspaper reporters but it then shifts focus onto Edward Everett Horton's character, an unpopular bean counter for his newspaper who happens to come across a major crime while on vacation in a remote fishing spot that no one's ever heard of. Because he knows the locals the editor puts him in charge until the "real" reporters can get to the place. The title, "Wild Money", is the editor's catch-phrase to Horton to stop him thinking like a bean counter and to think like a reporter who needs to spend enough money to secure that big exclusive for his paper ... at the expense of their rivals and anyone else who happens to get in the way (eg. the police). I was never quite sure if this movie was going to end up in some "dark place" ... however this isn't a precode movie so ...    

There's a favourable review on IMDB (there's only 1 review so far) however, for those who don't like spoilers, it may give away too many plot details.


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