Women of the Night (Yoru no onnatachi)

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Women of the Night (Yoru no onnatachi)

Post by Bruce R on Mon May 16, 2016 1:16 am

Yes, it's subtitled.

Although I didn't know it when I grabbed a couple of dvds for the evening. One I had already seen, so in went the 1948 WOMEN OF THE NIGHT (JP: YORU NO ONNATACHI).

My wife and I stuck with it and were not disappointed. Filmed in 1948, obviously not long after the devastation of WWII, it has a grittiness and realism that keeps you interested in the film.

It's about women turning to prostitution to support themselves and their families. Although not officially a noir, it certainly has noirish elements.

Here's a synopsis:

"Yoru no Onnatachi (Women of the Night) was one of three Kenji Mizoguchi films entered into competition at the 1957 Venice Film Festival. Like the other two Mizoguchi efforts (Uwasa no Onna, Mushashino Ujin), the film was several years old; in this case, it was completed in 1948. Like many of the director's best films, Yoru no Onnatachi is a pro-feminist tract, set principally in a Japanese "bagnio", or legalized brothel. The story centers around two sisters who are forced into prostitution to survive. The film's climax takes place in a "kangaroo court" presided over by whores, wherein the two women are accused of being traitors to their class."

Got this one almost 8 years ago. Probably would not have selected it at this time, but I was running diagnostics on my computer so couldn't get any info on the film. And for some reason I didn't have the Japanese title on it along with the English.

Bottom line: Definitely worth a view.

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